LB Rewards Gets You More. 

Get the most perks for your play with LB Rewards. Our club is transparent with no guesswork needed—you’ll know just what gets you the rewards you want. Your free membership has major advantages:

REDEEM Points for Free Play

Plus your points will get you entries for promotions, giveaways, and our exclusive Flash Play games

$3 bet on slots = 1 point

$6 bet on video poker = 1 point

Table games and live keno based on play, 100 points = $1 free play

REDEEM Comp Dollars

Redeem Comp Dollars for dining, hotel stays, movies, shopping and more.

EARN Tier Points

Earn Tier Points to maintain or upgrade your card status. The higher the card status, the more perks you’ll enjoy!

$1 bet on slots = 1 tier point

$2 bet on video poker = 1 tier point

Table games and live keno based on play

GET Flash Play

Flash Play gives you bonus games right at the machine so you can win free play, comp dollars, free dining, and points instantly!

55 Legends Perks

Activate your 55 Legends membership for free perks every Wednesday:

• Free Entry for Weekly $555 Senior Spin-Off Slot Tournament (9 AM – 3 PM)
• Two Galaxy Theatre Matinee Movie Tickets (100 Points = 1 Ticket)
• 25% Off Any One Entrée at LB Grill (Dine in 7 AM – 5 PM)

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